These normally run over 2 days and cover off all things Barrel Racing!  I like to limit my clinics to a maximum of 8-10 riders so everyone can get lots of attention and leave having learnt a lot.  Fence sitters are always welcome.  The Clinic environment allows you to not only put things into practice yourself, but also learn by watching others too.  


  • Horsemanship

  • Gear check and adjustments

  • Drills 

  • The Barrel Pattern – Broken down 

  • Correct body position for horse and rider 

  • Fixing problems

  • Fitness/ Feeding Regimes

  • Managing your mindset for peak performance 

  • Goal Setting – leave with your own clear goal written down and ready to implement

  • Camaraderie and support network with fellow Clinic Goers

  • Rodeo Etiquette

  • Lots of learning



Available for North or South Island on request.



When I first attended Jen's clinic I was a complete newby to barrel racing. Jen provided me with some great training tools, drills & tips to help focus on competition day. Jen's goal oriented attitude is inspiring & she's most definitely helped us to progress to where we are now.


- Georgina G

I have attended a few clinics of Jen's now and I love how easy Jen communicates and keeps everything simple to understand, thus making it simple for the horse also to understand. I have ridden horses at her clinics from very green to very seasoned and have learnt just as much and seen just as much improvement in each of them. Although I have been to clinics specifically for barrel racing, Jen's knowledge and experience could teach just about any equestrian discipline and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reach that next level.



- Ali M

Jenny has extensive experience and knowledge to give on barrel racing and horsemanship. My horse and I grew so much together under Jenny's Clinics, especially so on our first one.



- Maree G

Had the best weekend training with Jenny! She gave this very green rider more confidence and skills than I could have asked for. Your knowledge is invaluable to the sport of Barrel Racing.



- Sarah-Jean C


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