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I have always maintained that success in Barrel Racing or any competitive sport for that matter, is as much about mindset as it is physical ability of the horse and rider.

In fact success can often be defined as 20% Strategy – 80% MINDSET

  • Write down your goals for the Season and break down what you need to achieve them. 

  • Visualize positive runs – Mind power is so important – Think like a WINNER! Not what ifs. 

  •  Forget all the reasons why it won’t work.....and believe the one reason WHY IT WILL! 

  •  Break run down – 1 drum at a time – don’t get bogged down by the 101 things you need to do during        the run. 

  •  Have start point, finish point and other points sorted before you compete…Have a plan 

  •  Don’t let other runs put pressure on you – go out to do the best run that you and your horse can!!! You can’t do any better that!     THE ONLY PERSON YOU SHOULD TRY TO BE BETTER THAN, IS THE PERSON YOU WERE YESTERDAY! 

  •  See competition as your friend – Use it to better your performance. 

  •  Use whatever works for you – I know some people that think of it as their horse competing not them which takes the pressure off the rider as such. 

  •  Obstacles are things we see when we take our eyes off our goals

For your own printable Goal Setting Sheet to create the outcome for your season

Competitive Mindset with Jenny Atkinson & Shane Bird

  • Do you get really nervous before you compete?

  • Are you returning to competition and lacking confidence?

  • Maybe you lose your focus as you enter the arena or you’ve found yourself in a rut.

  • Do you struggle to set a clear season goal for yourself?


In this video we discuss strategies to overcome these problems AND MORE.  We cover 7 key areas to help you prepare your mind and master Peak Performance in the arena. Learn how to manage your mindset to gain YOUR OWN COMPETITIVE EDGE.



If you really want to take your mindset to the next level and learn how to Manage your Mindset for Peak Performance in the Arena I highly recommend Shane. Being no stranger to what it takes to be successful in the Rodeo world after having been a very successful bullfighter for 19 years, and being a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. His knowledge of all things mindset is second to none.

His programs are specifically designed so you can move forward with a success mindset and get that all important competitive edge whatever that looks like for you.