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Introducing the activators that are revolutionizing both the Health, Equine and K9 Worlds.

A proven health system that is sculpted to activate the natural pathways in our bodies, maximizing our health span at the cellular level.

Reaching peak health and performance to gain a natural competitive edge with nutrition based science. Look you your best as a team with a regimen that offers instant and cumulative benefits, providing protective barriers against environmental assaults inside and out – otherwise known as Oxidative Stress.

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Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer has been specifically formulated to awaken and activate the Nrf2 pathway that already exists within the body.  Over time this can become limited due to aging, environment, diet, pollution, medications and genetics.

When we activate this Nrf2 pathway our OWN BODY BECOMES THE HERO, being able to repair and rejuvenate it’s own cells and detoxify genes, keeping the master blue print of the cells function intact...... THIS IS THE ULTIMATE FOR LONG TERM HEALTH AND WELL BEING

Specifically formulated combining 5 botanical herbs making it 18 times more effective than supplementing these herbs individually.

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Protandim® – “Found to be the only natural supplement to Increase Health Span” – National Institute of Health


Clinically proven in the USA to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days

The Protandim Family of Products


PROTANDIM®—HEALTH THROUGH NUTRIGENOMICS ….LifeVantage studies the impact of good nutrition on gene expression to support a healthy and happy life.


LifeVantage is a company using science to approach health differently – they are focused on understanding the major scientific theories of aging and addressing the root causes to be able to take a proactive approach to supporting healthspan.

They specialize in Nutrigenomics – using Nutrients to support healthy gene expression. Put simply, they use nutrients to tell our bodies how to help themselves.

It all started almost half a century ago, when science proved that our bodies have built in abilities to keep themselves healthy. Two decades ago, a discovery proved that we could tap into those abilities by communicating with our genes through nutrients.

That discovery is the reason LifeVantage exists. The discovery that five plant extracts, when used together, could tell your body to produce antioxidants, opened a whole new world of possibilities. Since then they have been relentlessly working to communicate with additional genes associated with the major scientific theories of healthy lifespan, and each subsequent discovery becomes a member of their flagship Protandim® line of synergizers.